JOYACCESS M10 Dual Mode Wireless Mouse/Mice Silent Clicks

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JOYACCESS M10 Dual Mode Wireless Mouse/Mice Silent Clicks (3.0 and 5.0 Bluetooth + 2.4GHz Dongle ) Wireless Mouse/Mice For PC / Laptop / MacOS / Android Adjustable DPI

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SKU: dual-mode-bluetooth-mousetriple-mode-wireless-mouse-realizes-free-switches-between-three-devices-with-one-mouse-only-by-only-one-click-our-computer-mouse-can-be-connected-to-two-device-through-bluetooth-and-the-other-through-2-4g-usb-receiver-silent-click-high-responsivenessamong-800-1200-and-1600-to-meet-different-needs-special-soundless-design-for-the-right-and-left-buttons-make-you-concentrate-on-working-or-playing-games-without-disturbing-others-smooth-scroll-very-precise-with-every-sensitive-movement-auto-sleep-modethe-mouse-will-fall-asleep-after-10-minutes-no-operation-it-can-be-waken-up-by-clicking-any-button-one-aa-battery-is-requirednot-included-ergonomic-design-with-slim-ergonomic-design-and-smooth-frosted-surface-this-bluetooth-mouse-will-fit-comfortably-in-your-hands-provide-you-with-a-comfortable-office-experience-wide-compatibility2-4g-requirement-devices-with-usb-interface-bt3-0-system-requirement-windows-7-0-or-above-mac-os-10-8-or-above-ipad-os-8-or-above-android-3-2-or-above-bt5-0-system-requirement-windows-10-0-or-above-mac-os-10-10-or-above-android-5-0-or-above-bluetooth-mode-works-with-windows-mac-os-ios-android-system Categories: , Tags: , ,


【DUAL MODE BLUETOOTH MOUSE 】Triple mode wireless mouse realizes free switches between three devices with one mouse only by only one click. Our computer mouse can be connected to two devices through Bluetooth and the other through a 2.4G USB Receiver.
【SILENT CLICK & HIGH RESPONSIVENESS 】Among 800, 1200 and 1600 to meet different needs. A special soundless design for the right and left buttons, makes you concentrate on working or playing games without disturbing others. A Smooth scroll, very precise with every sensitive movement.
【AUTO SLEEP MODE 】The mouse will fall asleep after 10 minutes no-operation, it can be waken up by clicking any button. one AA battery is required(not included).
【ERGONOMIC DESIGN】 With slim, ergonomic design and smooth frosted surface, this Bluetooth mouse will fit comfortably in your hands, Provide you with a comfortable office experience.
【WIDE COMPATIBILITY】[2.4G Requirement]: Devices with USB interface. [BT3.0 System Requirement]: Windows 7.0 or above; Mac OS 10.8 or above; iPad OS 8 or above; Android 3.2 or above. [BT5.0 System Requirement]: Windows 10.0 or above; Mac OS 10.10 or above; Android 5.0 or above. Bluetooth mode works with Windows/ MAC OS/ iOS/ Android system.


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